The Specto Slate House

The Specto Slate House is the first initiative Specto is undertaking in the hopes of spreading more art to more people. The Slate House will be a "tiny" house gallery on wheels. It will be a mobile gallery, which we hope to use to engage communities and individuals with new engaging art. 

Community Engagement

We hope to use the Slate House to engage the community in a direct and meaningful way so that they may be able to access art in new ways. We plan to use the Slate House as a tool, in schools to teach about contemporary art consumption, at festivals and fairs to bring visual art to audiences in new and innovative ways, in communities to start dialogue about meaningful social, global, and political art. 

A Clean Slate

The Slate House will be a shell, able to transform to the exhibited artists' vision. We hope to house interesting and unique experiential art pieces, installation works which span the entire space and transform it into something new and engaging. Every artist will be able to do whatever they want and is possible in the space. We hope to be able to offer grants to allow artists to be able to truly create something unique and engaging. 

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