The Portrait has been the focus of the artists gaze for as long as art has existed. We want to see your best portraits! Any portrait will do, self, friends, family, pets, anything! Accepting photography, graphic design, digital art, digital paintings, video art, gifs, cinemegraphs, iphoneography, scanography, anything that can be displayed digitally or printed with an inkjet printer!!! Apply now! 

Juror: TBA - Juror will be featured artist on display for the month. 



Show Dates: Month of APRIL

Opening Reception: Saturday, APRIL 14th

Entry Guidelines: 

Each juried show at Specto consists of 20-24 accepted works. Every show will be featured in a catalog which includes the featured artist and the juried show for the month. 

Specto provides:

FREE printing of artworks

FREE matting of artworks

FREE framing of artworks

Specto uses 18"x24" frames, and prints your photos using an Epson SureColor P6000 archival printer, everything is color calibrated to offer the best possible, professional printing for your work. We mat your work using archival matboard, precut to specific sizes. The works are mounted using photo corners, so that there is no damage to your print.

Accepted Artwork Dimensions:

  • 12"x12" (1x1)
  • 12"x15" (4x5)
  • 12"x16" (3x4)
  • 12"x18" (2x3)

Have a piece that falls outside of these parameters but you want to submit it? Contact us! We can work with you and see if we can make it work upon your acceptance to the show. 


$400 award for best in show!

2 - $50 honorable mentions! 


After each show every work is catalogued and placed in an archival flatfile to create a resource for other galleries, curators, or purchasers to utilize. This allows Specto to continue to promote each artist on a continual basis, so that your work is being seen well beyond the dates of each specific show.


Artists will always retain copyright of their works. We will use your work in promotional materials to advertise for shows you're involved in, but only with your permission. Specto will never print, distribute, or sell your work without your consent. We also don't utilize clauses to require you to not show your work again for a certain amount of time or anything tricky like that. Remember, we're artists too, so we will always treat your work how we would want someone to treat ours. 


Exhibition prints printed for each show are not for sale, they are part of our archive. If there are inquiries of sale on an artwork the artist will be notified. Once a sale is finalized between artist and buyer, Specto will print and edition the work to the artists specifications and deliver to the buyer. Artists will be mailed an authentication document to sign and return for the buyers benefit. Beyond the exhibition print, your work will never be printed without your express involvement.

All sales at Specto will include a 35% commission, which means 35% of the sale price will go to Specto with 65% going to the artist. We believe this commission is fair as Specto will incur all costs of printing and shipping if necessary. 

Notification of Acceptance:

Specto will notify all artists 10-14 days after deadline of the results of their application. Accepted artists will have 7 days to provide print ready files, after that point waitlisted artists will be substituted in. Specto will help with this process, so if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask!

Entry Fees:


Entry fees are $35 this includes up to 5 works. Artists applying to juried shows are allowed to submit up to 10 works, if you are interested in submitting 10 works for consideration please simply fill out the application twice, uploading two sets of 5 images. 

This is the only cost associated with exhibiting your work at Specto. All framing, printing, and shipping costs you would have to think about with other shows are taken care of. This fee goes to maintaining and running the gallery, as well as towards new initiatives Specto is undertaking to bring art to more people. 

We are currently accepting donations for the creation of our Specto Slate House. If you would like, you can donate while you apply! Simply add any amount over the minimum to be involved. Every person who donates will receive their name on the side of the Specto Slate House as a valued contributor to the arts. For more info on the Slate House, click here. 

Media Accepted:

  • Photography
  • Digital Art
  • Graphic Design
  • Scanography
  • Phoneography
  • New things that blow our minds! 

Anything we can print on our printers is capable of being included in the show!

File Specifications:

Please format your entry files in the following manner:

  • JPEG Files Only
  • 1024 Pixels on the longest side
  • 72 DPI
  • 3MB or less.
  • Filenames: Lastname_Firstname1.jpg, Lastname_Firstname2.jpg, etc. 
  • Please remember you MUST have a print file available that is large enough to be printed in any of the above dimensions at 300DPI. 

Find any of this confusing? It can be a little daunting at first, and we totally understand that. Please don't hesitate to contact us! No question is a dumb question, everyone has to start somewhere! 

See our listing at CallForEntries.com