“Specto Art Space Brings International and Local Artists to Downtown Harrisonburg, VA”


Specto Art Space LLC is a new art gallery and artist work/sell space coming to 91 North Main Street, Harrisonburg, VA, 22802. 

  • Featuring international juried exhibitions every month, consisting of dozens of artists from all over the United States and the world. 

  • Specto offers artists an open studio workspace that fosters a collaborative community and a lucrative opportunity for sales. 

  • Opening reception for our inaugural international juried shows, INSPIRATION: Studies and Source and PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE, during First Fridays in Downtown Harrisonburg, is Friday August 9th, 2019, 5-9pm. 

Specto Art Space LLC is proud to announce the grand opening of a new art gallery and artist workspace at 91 North Main Street, Harrisonburg, Virginia. Open 12-6 Thursday through Sunday, Specto features two international juried exhibitions every month, bringing artwork from all around the United States and the world to our community. In addition to the gallery space, five local artists will have the chance to be featured in an open concept studio workspace. Artists can rent an open studio space that offers practical solutions and sales opportunities for local creators. 

Local artist, and Specto founder, Jeremiah Morris is focused on bringing more art opportunities to both the local community and artists at large. “My main focus in founding Specto was to create more opportunity for artists to exhibit their work in a streamlined way.” Says Jeremiah. “Specto prints all works exhibited in the gallery. This allows us to offer exhibition and sales opportunities to artists who may not have the means to pay for framing or shipping costs.” Exhibiting contemporary works of photography, digital design, and video art, as well as traditional media such as painting and drawing, Specto’s unique approach allows artists anywhere in the world to be involved. Jeremiah Morris graduated from James Madison University in 2015 with a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Studio Art with a concentration in photography. He is an internationally shown photographic artist, winner of the Virginia Museum of the Fine Arts Undergraduate Fellowship, and a featured exhibitor at the Superfine DC! Fine arts fair in November 2018. 

Specto Art Space would love to invite you to join us as we celebrate the opening reception for our upcoming exhibitions. Find us during First Fridays, Friday August 2nd, from 5-9pm. Specto’s inaugural exhibition cycle will feature two International juried shows: INSPIRATION: Studies and Source, and PAST PRESENT FUTURE. Exploring the connection between inspiration and final creation, INSPIRATION pairs artworks with the specific sources that inspired them. Consisting of photographs, poems, songs, and written works, these pieces inform the artworks they inspired in captivating ways. Curator and founder Jeremiah Morris explains, “some pieces are very straightforward, the connection is immediate. Other inspirations you have to sit with, and the subtleties start to overwhelm you. It’s an interesting exploration of something crucial to art, that we rarely see.” INSPIRATION features 22 works from 12 artists working in Baltimore, MD, Provo, UT, and all the way in Beijing, China!

PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE explores the many ways an artist can try and interpret the concept of time. This exhibition features futuristic renderings, beautiful photography, and meaningful mixed media collages. “Time is such a meaningful thing to explore.” Curator Jeremiah Morris said. “Art can’t escape time. Even if you don’t think so, artwork always has an aspect of time, even if it’s just how long it took to make.” Come see the many compelling explorations of something we all deal with on exhibition August 9th to September 4th, featuring the work of 15 artists from Chicago, IL, Portland, OR, and Thessaloniki, Greece! 

Specto Art Space focuses on bringing more opportunities to artists, both in the local community and beyond. Since our founding in 2017, Specto has awarded more than $9k to help artists continue their work. Currently, Specto is committed to bringing accessible and affordable work and retail space for artists in downtown Harrisonburg as well as continuing to exhibit engaging and meaningful artworks in our second season of international juried exhibitions. For more information, visit spectoartspace.com or follow @spectoartspace on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Jeremiah Morris