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Specto offers a rotating variety of compelling prints for any and every art lover. Every print offered for sale at Specto is a limited, special edition print. Specto takes the hassle and worry out of the equation, leaving a direct and easy way to support artists whose work you love.

Turn any room, into an art space. Specto makes it easy. No hassle ordering, with free shipping all day, every day.


Putting your art, in front of the right eyes. Specto focuses on offering exhibition and sales opportunities to artists working at any level with any experience and education levels. We believe good art deserves to be seen and bought. Period. No bullshit, only art. Specto offers rotating online international juried exhibitions. Each exhibition, a best of show recipient is awarded space for their work in the Superfine! DC Art Fair at the end of 2019.

Apply now. Get your work seen, with no strings.