Hybrid Gallery Entry

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Theme: Phoneography - Everyone (mostly) has a camera these days and most of them are right in our pockets at all times. Phone photography is something that can be hard to find a place to display in a gallery setting, but Specto believes it has a relevant place in artmaking as a cultural and societal force that can't be denied. We accept more than just photography, if you've made some sort of graphic work from the comfort of an app on your phone, then we want to see it! 

Juror: Specto staff juries all Hybrid Shows. We seek to bring a diverse collection and show things in this format that take risks and are engaging and interesting works. 

Deadline for Entry: May 10th

Show Dates: Month of June **Show may be earlier, or later, this will be our inaugural show, and as such it is dependent on when we are able to move into a space. Plans are for this show to open the first friday in June, but we may be able to have it open for the Month of May. Artists will be notified of any changes in date. 

Opening Reception: Friday, June 2nd

Entry Guidelines: 

Each month at Specto there are three simultaneous shows: the juried show at specto consists of 20-24 accepted works, the featured artist solo show which is open to anyone with a cohesive body of 12-15 works available, and the hybrid show which displays a collection of up to 30 chosen works in a digital format and online. 

Exhibition Details:

Hybrid Gallery participants will get two shows in one, an online slideshow gallery which allows your work to be seen by anyone around the world. This gallery will be heavily promoted so that tons of people will see your awesome work. There will also be a feature spot in our physical gallery that has a digital display which will cycle through submitted entries for the month of the show, so two shows in one! 


Artists will always retain copyright of their works. We will use your work in promotional materials to advertise for shows you're involved in, but only with your permission. Specto will never print, distribute, or sell your work without your consent. We also don't utilize clauses to require you to not show your work again for a certain amount of time or anything tricky like that. Remember, we're artists too, so we will always treat your work how we would want someone to treat ours. 


Best in show will win a $50 giftcard to Photojojo.com. Photojojo offers tons of amazing gear to step up your phoneography game, as well as tons of other things for traditional photography. Best in show will be decided by a voting system in our physical gallery space! 

2 honorable mentions will be chosen as well, these individuals will receive $10 gift cards to Photojojo.com! 

Notification of Acceptance:

Specto will notify all artists 5-7 days after deadline. Artists will be required to provide higher resolution files if necessary. 

Entry Fees:

Entry fees are $5 for up to 3 images. 

We are currently accepting donations for the creation of our Specto Slate House. If you would like, you can donate while you apply! Simply add any amount over the minimum to be involved. Every person who donates will receive their name on the side of the Specto Slate House as a valued contributor to the arts. For more info on the Slate House, click here. 

Media Accepted:

  • Photography taken with mobile devices
  • Digital Art/ Graphic Deisgn created on a mobile device
  • Gifs/Cinemagraphs created using mobile devices
  • iPads/Tablet creations are accepted as well

Find any of this confusing? It can be a little daunting at first, and we totally understand that. Please don't hesitate to contact us! No question is a dumb question, everyone has to start somewhere! 

Ready to apply? Click here to go to our application form!