Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find some frequently asked questions! If you have any questions outside these, or need a little more clarification, contact us anytime at!

Application Process

What time do your applications close?

How should I format my files?

My image doesn't match print sizes, what should I do?


Application Process

What time do your applications close?

All Specto applications close at 11:59:59PM EST. 


How should I format my files?

Our only file specification is that application files must be under 3MB. If applying on, files must be modified to their specifications. See their media guidelines here:


What should my files be called?

Please format your image titles in the following way: Lastname_Firstname1.jpg, Lastname_Firstname2.jpg, etc. Please ask if you have any questions!


My image doesn’t match your print sizes, what should I do?

If your image doesn’t exactly match our sizes, don’t worry. If the file is close, we will crop your piece to match the nearest size, as long as we feel it doesn’t sacrifice anything from the piece. When we say physically, what this means is the work is printed out exactly as it is, and the mat is placed on top of the work. We never alter your digital files. 

If the piece is dramatically different than our standard sizes, then we still encourage you to apply. We have a 4K Ultra HD television capable of displaying works, or we will find a creative solution which fits our exhibition standards and elevates your work to the status it’s worthy of. 


What media do you accept?

We primarily focus on photography, digital art, and graphic design. This isn’t to say we don’t accept more than that. Our philosophy is one of finding solutions to the problems of art, so we are never scared of experimentation. Generally speaking if your work is capable of being displayed digitally or being printed by a professional inkjet printer, then it’s considered with no problem! Outside those parameters, we encourage you to contact us and we’ll find a solution!


I sell edition prints, what options do I have?

We understand that not all artists want to give out their print files and let any old gallery print their work. In cases where edition work is the norm, we can always find a solution. If the artist is comfortable with it, we will print an exhibition print only. This print is shown in our frames and destroyed at the end of the exhibition. Consumers interested in purchasing works will be directed towards an avenue where edition prints are available for purchase. 

We also have the capability of showing the work digitally. In these circumstances the work would not be for sale in our space. 


Do you accept original works if I ship them?

At this time, we do not accept original works in our space. We hope to accept original and sculptural works in the coming years!


How do sales work?

Customers can purchase a print of your work directly from Specto. Artists set their own price for these prints, of which Specto retains a 35% commission. Artists are given a form to fill out and sign which authenticates the work for the buyers collection. 


I applied, when will I hear something?

The page of your specific application should have a date, but generally speaking we have jury results returned to artists within 2-3 weeks after the deadline date. 


What is the application fee for?

The application fee helps cover Specto’s day to day operating costs, fund our awards.


Do you have free calls?

Yes! Follow us for more information for when these will be available!


Do you have student discounts?

Yes! Students can provide proof of current enrollment to receive a student discount. College/University students can receive $10 off their applications, K-12 students can receive this discount as well. Choose the student discount option at checkout. 

Applicants who are not able to provide proof of current enrollment in these programs and do not pay the full application amount will forfeit their application fees and not be considered for exhibition. 

Jury Process

How are works judged?

Specto judges works based on merit alone. What this means is we do not take anything into consideration besides the work. We do not give preference or attention to education level, professional status, or location. We believe all creators are capable of worthy exhibition. 


Who judges the works?

Works are juried by Specto founder and curator, Jeremiah Morris. 


I’ve never shown my work before, should I apply?

Absolutely! Everyone has to start somewhere, and we understand that it can be a confusing and intimidating experience at first. We were founded with the belief that there is no such thing as a stupid question, and everyone deserves our attention. We are here to answer any and every questions you have. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more help!


Do you help with the O-1 Visa process?

Specto is proud to offer as much help as possible for artists we exhibit seeking their O-1 Visa. We do not give preferential consideration to any applicant, for any reason, at any point, but if you are included in an exhibition with us we are more than happy to work with you to provide any references you need. 

Exhibition Process

When are winners announced?

Winners of Specto awards are announced in the final week of exhibition. One Honorable Mention award is given with consideration to audience feedback, and as such we like to wait until the final week of exhibition. 


What is expected of me once I’m accepted?

If accepted, artists must be able to provide a digital file of your work that is print ready. All works must be true representations of final works. If your work is not big enough to exhibit at our sizes, please contact us so we can find a solution. We are not agains exhibiting works at sizes smaller than our standard, but please contact us first. 


How do I know if my file is good enough to print?

Generally speaking we are looking for works which are of clear print resolution at our exhibition sizes. If your work is blurry or dull at these sizes, we may request an alternate version. Specto retains the right to not exhibit any work which doesn’t meet our exhibition standards. 


Where will my work be promoted?

On our website, in our gallery, in our local area, and on our social media channels! Each work is featured on our instagram and facebook channels!