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About Specto


Specto was founded in June of 2017 with the intentions to bring more opportunity to artists and art lovers, in our community and beyond. Formed with the goal of making the process of art sharing a more accessible opportunity, Specto wanted to streamline the exhibition process to reduce the barriers of risk and cost usually associated with exhibiting. Our thought was if we can make it easier, our community and our gallery would be capable of displaying a diverse selection of art and artists which may not otherwise have the space in our community to be seen.

We achieved this goal by shaping an exhibition process which allows any artist to exhibit with us with little to no additional effort or cost to the artist. The innovative approach of our gallery consists of printing all works we display. We print a copy of our artists’ work - visitors purchase either the original work which the print conveys OR a print which artists have verified Specto to print-on-demand. This allows artists to create limited edition print runs available only at Specto, allows 3D or traditional media artists to display without risking their artwork in shipping getting damaged or lost, allows artist to think about the exhibition process in an innovative way, and more. We’ve found that artists appreciate this innovative structure, and buyers respond equally well.

We opened the doors of our first physical gallery space in February of 2018. In our first exhibition season Specto featured 11 amazing exhibitions, featuring hundreds of artists from around the United States and the world! We awarded over $10,000 to artists through juried exhibition awards and grants. We’ve recently partnered with, and are proud to be featured at booth #37 in the upcoming Superfine! DC Art Fair.

We’d like to sincerely thank every artist who has participated with us! We’ve had our issues and learning curves on the road from expectations and hopes to reality. While we’ve always done our best, we’ve learned a lot and could have handled certain things more efficiently and clearly. As we move forward, every exhibition teaches us something new, and we continue to perfect our processes so that every artist may interact with us in a way they feel fulfilled and validated. So Thank YOU! To all who have taken a chance on us!

Jeremiah Morris



About Our Founder


Jeremiah Morris is the founder, director and curator of Specto Art Space. An internationally exhibited, award-winning artist himself, Jeremiah received his B.F.A from James Madison University in 2015. Recently, he has exhibited at the Strathmore Mansion in Bethesda, MD, the Cato Institute in Washington, DC, and was a featured photo artist at SuperFine! DC 2018, a fine arts. He is currently focused on creating meaningful and diverse opportunities for art engagement, both for art consumers and artists themselves. This focus paired with his drive to create community inspired the opening of Specto Art Space.


File Prep / Specifications


Name Requirements | When applying on our site, we ask that you please format your file names in the following manner: lastname_firstname_1.jpg (.jpg is only an example)

Sizing | When processing large number of files for review, massive files can slow things down quite a bit. Files are required to be under 3MB per image.

File Types | Accepted file types are as follows: jpg, tif, png, gif, pdf.

Print File Requirements | For printing we require a high resolution version of your file. Generally we ask for a version of your work at at least 300 DPI to ensure high quality prints. The dimensions of works are dependent on your individual artwork.


Accepted Media


A Digital Dream | Specto was founded in hopes of bringing more opportunity to photographers, digital artists, and graphic designers. Since then, we’ve found that more “traditional” artists are giving our structure a chance, and we couldn’t be happier.

Reproductions | We exhibit either prints or reproduction prints of your works, and as such we are willing to accept any work that fits within our structure. If we can print it, or can display it digitally, we’re willing to give it a go!

Accepted Media:

  • Digital Photography | “Phoneography” | Scanography

  • Digital Design | Graphic Design

  • Painting | Watercolor

  • Drawing | Charcoal | Pastels | Illustration | Ink

  • Collage | Mixed Media

  • Traditional and Alternative Photographic Processes

  • GIFS | Simulated Art

  • Video Art

  • Sculpture (prints, 3D video tours, etc) | Metal & Jewelry

  • Sound Art (specifically headphone oriented works)

  • Additional Mediums? Email us -


Save & Return


No Rush! | When applying on, artists have the option to save their applications and finish at a later time. This allows you to take your time and finish when you can!

How to Save & Return | When applying on, to Save & Return to your application later simply click the “Save” button on the lower right portion of the application window.

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Artwork Pricing


What’s it Worth?! | Pricing artwork can be a very hard thing to do. We want to make sure you get what your art is worth, so here’s all the information you’ll need to price your piece with Specto!

Commission | Artwork takes 35% commission fees, this goes to keeping the gallery running, hosting our website and calls, promotional outreach, and exhibition and sales prep. 65% of sales price is paid to the artist.

Printing Fees? | Specto incurs all fees associated with exhibiting, as such we cover this cost in our 35% commission, costing you no money.

Increase My Prices? | Should you factor in the commission fees Specto retains during the sales process? We generally say, yes! We want you to make what you feel is fair from your works, if that means you want to increase your prices to cover this cost, then you should! However, this is not necessary.


Digital vs. Physical Artworks


Am I a Good Fit for Specto?! | Specto is focused on making sharing art an easier process for all artists. While our process is more easily geared towards digital artists or photographers, we encourage all artists to consider the Specto process!

Reproductions? | Specto prints a high quality giclee reproduction print of your work. We focus sales of your original piece both in gallery, and on our profile.

Sales and Shipping | Once we sell your amazing piece of art, we’ll arrange for shipping directly from you to the buyer. This limits the potentiality of damage, and offers the buyer a personal connection with you, allowing you to forge meaningful connections with the people buying your art.

Modern buyers demand modern art practices. In our experience, buyers respond very well to the print reproduction sales process. Finding a piece of art to love is always a magical experience, but the process of receiving that piece and it having even more depth, presence, and detail is like opening an amazing gift, a gift of art!




When’s it Due? | Specto’s calls for art, whether juried, grants, or awards, all close at 11:59:59pm MST (mountain standard time) on the deadline date.

Extensions | In extenuating circumstances (e.g. technical problems with our website applications) Specto will extend deadlines to allow for artists who were in the process of applying to complete their applications.


Notification of Jury Results

When? | We will notify artists of jurying results in 14-21 days after the application closes.

Who Do You Notify? | Specto will notify all artists about jurying results, whether accepted for the exhibition or not.


Individual Feedback


Jury Feedback? | Unfortunately at this time Specto does not have the time or resources to devote to individualized feedback of all artists who apply. We will notify you of the status of your application, but no feedback will be given on your application.

Why Wasn’t I Accepted? | Every application cycle we are blown away by the quality and variety of the work we receive. Every opportunity we offer means that some legitimately amazing work doesn’t get accepted, and that’s the nature of art.


Jurying Criteria


How do you Jury? | Specto juries on the aesthetic merit of work alone. We do not take experience level or education level into consideration.

Art Grant? | Specto strives to promote meaningful and engaging projects using our grant applications. We seek artists or projects that are doing something compelling in the current world of art, whether that be work that is socially focused, community oriented, or expands the way we interact with art.

Featured Artist? | Featured artists are judged based on the merit of the body of work as a whole. This means work that is cohesive and carefully curated. Work does not have to be thematic.


Acceptance Finalization


I’ve Been Accepted, Now What? | Specto will notify you of your acceptance via email. This email will contain important dates, information, and a link to finalize your acceptance. To do so, all you have to do is fill out the provided form with all the information we need about your piece, and upload the digital file of your work that we will print and exhibit.

How Long Do I Have? | We ask that you finalize acceptance as soon as possible, as this will allow us to potentially sub in other works if necessary. We understand that sometimes things don’t go smoothly, so if you need to wait to finalize, please let us know!


The Specto Process


A Different Approach | Specto believes in engaging art lovers with unexpected, meaningful, and impactful art experiences. Every exhibition at Specto is approached as a unique opportunity to present art in ways that challenge the conceptions of the art/gallery relationship.

“Installation Art” Installation | When possible, we install our exhibitions in an installation art minded way. This means we may take the prints off the wall, change the angle the viewer interacts with the piece (e.g. artwork on ceilings and floors), change how near or far one artwork is in regard to another, or any number of other actions that change the way art is interacted with.

Apply. Upload. Enjoy | With Specto the process is simple. You apply. If accepted, you finalize your acceptance and upload a print ready version of your accepted artwork. From there, everything is done! You relax and enjoy sharing your work with our little corner of the world!




Commission | Specto retains 35% of sales price for all works sold through association with our exhibitions. 65% of sales price will be paid directly to the artist.

Artwork Pricing | Click here for our tips on artwork pricing!

Multiple Sales Channels | Sales at Specto happen in three places, our physical gallery, on our website, and on our platform.

Fine Art Fairs | Specto Art Space is proud to offer our work for sale at Superfine! DC 2019, come see us! October 30th - November 3rd 2019, Union Market - Washington DC! | All artworks included in our juried exhibitions and featured artist exhibitions are included for sale on our profile. Specto Art Space will represent individual artworks or artists for the period of the exhibition.

We Print, You Profit | Specto offers complimentary printing and shipping of works for artists working in applicable mediums (digital art, photography, etc)

  • On sale, Artists provide buyers with a certificate of authenticity to return to buyers for their records

Non-Reproduction Works | For works Specto is not printing, we work to sell the represented piece. More information. Such works are:

  • One-of-a-kind works (i.e., original paintings, drawings, watercolors, collages, sculpture, 3D work)

  • Limited edition prints

  • Process specific prints (silver gelatin, cyanotype, prints on metal, etc)


Opening Receptions


First Fridays Celebrations | Specto Art Space is proud to add to the already vibrant arts community in Downtown Harrisonburg. Every First Friday, we host our opening reception for the exhibitions that month. Come celebrate with us! First Fridays, 5-9pm

Let’s Set a Mood! | For every opening Specto will work hard to bring an engaging mix of opportunities for our local community. Refreshments, live music, prizes, we want you there!


Exhibition Printing / Sizing


Sizing Example | Click to Enlarge

We Print, We Frame, You Save | Specto believes in more accessible art exhibition opportunities, as such we print and mount every work for each exhibition in our gallery.

Professional Prints | We print using an Epson SureColor P-800. Using 9 UltraChrome HD Pigment-based Inks, our prints are professional, vibrant and archival.

Sizing | Currently we are limited to prints under 17 inches (43.18 cm) on the shortest side. Specto resizes files for print, but we never enlarge.

Paper Choices | When possible, Specto allows artists to indicate which paper type they would prefer. In these exhibitions, we provide printing on the following paper types.

  • Matte | Epson Exhibition Canvas Matte Archival Inkjet Paper

  • Satin | Epson Exhibition Canvas Natural Satin

  • Glossy | Epson Glossy Exhibition Canvas Archival Inkjet Paper

  • Metallic | Moab Slickrock Metallic Silver 300 Archival Inkjet Paper - COMING SOON

  • Textured | Epson Legacy Textured Paper - COMING SOON

Printing Prep | 2-3 weeks prior to the opening reception for each exhibition, Specto preps all prints. During this time, Specto will reach out to accepted artists if we need anything further from accepted artists.


Print-Ready File Prep


Printing Specifications | Specto prints all exhibition artworks at 300 DPI, at 16 inches (40.64cm) on the shortest side.

Sizing | Specto will never enlarge files, any alterations to print files will occur in scale alone. Any cropping that may occur due to matting and framing will be done physically.

Printing Prep | 2-3 weeks prior to the opening reception for each exhibition, Specto preps all prints. During this time, Specto will reach out to accepted artists if we need anything from you.


Promotional Outreach


Get the Word Out! | Specto releases promotional materials for every exhibition. You can promote your show using a Facebook cover photo, instagram shareable, or downloadable 8.5x11 inch poster.

Paint the Town | Specto canvases our local community extensively, as well as promotion of all exhibitions on our various social media profiles.


The Specto Archives


Stick Around! | Every exhibition at Specto enters The Specto Archives! At the close of each show, we take all exhibition prints and retire them to our Archives. We offer physical flat file, archival storage of all works exhibited with Specto. Collectors, curators, and art lovers galore will be able to peruse our archives for years to come.


The Anything Art Grant | The Process


The Anything Art Grant is a different kind of grant. It is fully applicant funded, meaning your application funds the award itself. We find this sort of engagement to be meaningful for artists, as you know that if you do not receive the award, the money you put forward will go to fund another artist in need.

1 in 15 | Thirty applicants fund two awards - 1 - $500 Award, 1 - $250 Award.


The Anything Art Grant | Deadline


Since the Anything Art Grant is funded by applications, there is no set deadline. Once 30 applications are received, applications close and the award enters the jury process. You can keep track of the current applicants on the Anything Art Grant application page.


The Anything Art Grant | Jury Process


Once 30 artists have applied and the award has been fully funded, Specto will begin the jurying process. During this time we carefully review applications and choose two winners.


The Anything Art Grant | Accepted Media


The Anything Art Grant is focused on promoting meaningful and unique experiences in art. Our Art Grant can be used towards any manifestation of art. We fund individual artists, projects of any type, and more. If you find that our application doesn’t meet the needs of your project, please let us know.


The Anything Art Grant | Award Payment


Anything Art Grant award winners will receive their payout within 30 days of the jurying process ending. We make payments using Paypal or Check via mail at this time.


Featured Artists | Exhibition


Featured Artists receive their own exhibition on our profile. Your work will be featured for 60 days, available to the worlds preeminent art buyers, curators, collectors and art lovers around the world. We will represent you for the length of your exhibition.


Featured Artists | Application Artwork Choice


When applying for a featured artist solo exhibition, it is best to apply with a cohesive body of work. This means a body of work which revolves around a central idea, theme, medium, subject, etc. We want it to be something intentional and curated, something you’ve carefully considered and think is the best example of your talent.


Featured Artists | Instagram Feature


Featured Artists will be featured on our Instagram. We will systematically share each work of your exhibition and a bit more about you, your inspirations for the series, or more.


Featured Artists | Digital Display


Specto displays your exhibition using our Samsung Frame 55” UltraHD TV. Your work will be displayed in a slideshow fashion for the entirety of the exhibition period. Guest to our gallery can enjoy your work and find out more about you in the process.