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The Specto Workspace Layout, All Spaces Currently Available.



Specto Art Space is excited to offer a number of artist work/sell studio spaces at an affordable monthly rate. Join our community of makers and get to know our community.

Month to Month Rentals

Take a chance with no long-term commitment. Month-to-Month as well as 3, 6, & 12-month leases available.

$40 - $215 per space

Specto offers a range of options for artists working on any budget. Rent a wall space to display and offer your work for sale. Or take the plunge and see what you can do with a dedicated space to work and interact with the public.

It’s been found that artists who share their process with their customers have better sales connections and more long term buyers. Give it a chance with a space of your own!

Community Engagements Every Month!

Specto will work hard to engage the local community as much as possible. Every month will include First Fridays celebrations, Studio Saturdays featuring artists working and selling directly to the public, and even more!



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