Specto Is Born



     Specto Art Space is a passion project that has been brewing in my mind for a while. I have always loved the idea of offering shows where so many people, from all around the world, could come together and create an amazing body of work. This desire to spread more art in the world has only intensified over the past few years. I firmly believe the world needs art now more than ever. I wanted to create a place where I could offer a little bit of beauty or a thought provoking moment, and thus Specto was born. Specto is latin for observe, watch, look at, see, consider. The last one was the one that got me. For me Specto means the act of observing and thinking, and that is what I want my gallery space to offer. A place for thought provoking, moving works to be made available to the public.

     Specto was also born out of a desire to offer a venue dedicated to sections of art that are often dismissed outright by other gallery spaces. I don't know how many times I went to apply for a show and found to my dismay there was a disclaimer of "NO PHOTOGRAPHY". There's nothing more disheartening than having a piece you feel passionate about, that meets a theme so perfectly, only for it to not be considered at all. This got me thinking about other areas of work that rarely get the chance to shine but are so important in our ever changing art landscape: graphic design and digital art. I wanted to offer a space where these medium could shine and test the boundaries of what others consider "art". It's my hope that with time I can expand the gallery to include video, sound, temporal art, and anything else that pushes boundaries and can often not find a home in traditional gallery settings.

    It's my sincere hope that this is the beginning of something I can build into an institution that spreads art for the better. An institution that tears at misconceptions, and allows all individuals to feel they can access and be a part of the art "world". Too often individuals feel overwhelmed or intimidated by art spaces, and it's my hope I can change that, one show at a time.

   If you're an artist, and you feel like I do, please apply to be included here at Specto! It's my hope that I can build not only a gallery, but a community. 



Founder of Specto Art Space