Explore the Visual Worlds of Fractal Art

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The Captivating Fractal Worlds of Julius Horsthuis

"Fractal art is the opposite of design."

Fractal art is a form of algorithmic art created by calculating fractal objects and representing the calculation results as still images, animations, and media. Artist Julius Hosthuis creates stunning videos exploring fractal worlds of fractal creation.

Julius says that as he plays around with the fractals, "shapes start to emerge, and when they start to resemble something - anything - I play with that.". Using the natural progression of the fractals, Julius transforms them into landscapes that seem familiar but wildly different at the same time. 

Julius writes, "the human eye will connect with something it thinks it knows - but it's different.
The danger of fractal art is that it becomes so abstract that your mind can't comprehend it at all."