Pollution Popsicles: Using Art to Raise Awareness

Cool Treats with a Cooler Purpose

Three Taiwanese student artists have created a fascinating project capturing the water pollution found across their city. The three students from the National Taiwan University of Arts decided to record the state of pollution in their city with clever and deceptive inedible popsicles. The project, called Polluted Water Popsicles, consists of over 100 popsicles created from different water samples found across their city, as well as individually designed popsicle wrappers for each.

"Through observation, we found that people did not attach great importance to water resources around but often ignored [them]," Hong Yi-chen

The project was quite an undertaking, but the results are fascinating. The students collected samples and froze them, after which they coated the popsicles in a polyester resin, transforming them into popsicles of pollution, frozen in time. 

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