The Surreal Show

     Surrealism in photography is one of the main things that got me involved in art making. I was so astonished by the ability of people to create these fantastic worlds created merely out of their imagination and skill. SO many photographers and digital artists have been inspired to create because of these works, and giving back to them is something that means a lot to me. 

     I searched and searched when I was creating surrealistic art to find an outlet to show in a gallery setting, and I came up short quite a lot. I think this is an extremely valid and meaningful area of art creation, especially in online photographer communities like Flickr. I also think this is one of those area of arts that is quite rare, that skips from art circles and catches the attention and admiration of everyday people, and thats quite important.

     As always, Specto is awarding $500 to the best of show piece, and two $100 honorable mention awards. We want to see your best mind bending creations of worlds of your imagination! Apply today and share that surrealism with the world. 

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