Black and White: 2017

     For our inaugural show I decided on Black and White: 2017. I hope for this to be an annual show, with a new batch of amazing black and white work every year. Black and White has always fascinated me, and was one of the things that got me started in photography. It seems so simple, but once you start to explore it you find that even though there are no colors, there are multitudes of ways to create your own style, voice, and presence when working in Black and White. 

     Black and White is iconic, but I believe there is a lot of room for exploration within black and white, even today. The options for graphic design and digital art are just as abundant using black and white as in photography. We hope to have an amazing show of black and white, with varied approaches and styles.

     Every show at Specto offers $500 for best of show awards, and two $100 honorable mentions! So don't hesitate, apply today!!

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