Changes Underway - Hope on the Horizon!


I hope this message finds you well and in the swell of creativity. I am writing out today to announce an upcoming change to Specto Art Space. It is with a heavy heart that I announce the closure of Specto’s physical gallery location. This was not a decision made lightly, but ultimately it was made to best serve you, our artists.

When Specto moved to its new location, I was hopeful that it would create a community of artists. The addition of studio spaces was critical as it allowed Specto to fund the day to day costs of running the gallery. This freedom allowed us to take chances on artists and art based on artistic merit alone and not gallery pedigrees and marketability. It also allows for lower application fees. Unfortunately, I have not been to fill the studio spaces. Perhaps the pricing isn’t right, maybe the community needs more time to warm up to us. Either way, it’s not working the way I had hoped for a few reasons.

Before opening, I had to have an architect come into the space and draw up floorpans to submit to the city of Harrisonburg. This step actually delayed the initial opening and was much more costly than first expected. Shortly after, we realized that there were two electric meters that required two separate deposits. This is all to say, running a gallery is very expensive, especially in today’s climate.

No matter what, Specto has to evolve to exist. To allow Specto to continue to best serve our artists, we are becoming an online Artsy exclusive exhibitor until we can relocate to Washington, D.C. (or a similarly-sized metro area). Until then, we will still focus on fine arts fairs and online sales and promotion via Artsy.

What does this mean for an included artist? Your exhibition is now an artsy online exclusively, placing your work on the same platform as the art masters. Specto will represent you and your work for 60 days, starting on the date your exhibition was supposed to open in our gallery space -this date is the first Friday of the month. Best in show award winners will now be included on the wall in our booth space at Superfine! DC, and Honorable Mention award winners will receive their print in the print rack.

Commission fees are now 15% on sales. Artists invited for inclusion in juried shows now have the option of listing up to 5 works on Artsy, to be represented by Specto. Specto will represent and make efforts to sale these works, if that is something you want, but is not necessary.

Questions? Let me know. I’m excited to be able to better focus on online sale, promotion, and fine art fair inclusion.

Jeremiah Morris

Director, Founder

Specto Art Space