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Art. Accessible to anyone.

Specto Art Space is coming to the Agora Downtown Market in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Opening June 2017. Harrisonburg is home to Virginia's first Arts and Cultural District and the only Culinary District. Specto is excited to bring even more art opportunity to a community already so giving to artists. 

Specto Art Space is a different kind of gallery, focused on giving as much opportunity to artists as possible. We believe that art should be open to all, whether it be the at home hobbyist or the most seasoned professional, everyone is capable of making something worth being seen

Specto is committed to offering opportunity to those who too often are not considered in other art spaces, photographers, digital artists, new media creators, any work which can be printed or shown on a screen. We want to create a space where these creators can have a no hassle exhibition experience, we will print, frame, hang, and promote each show, so there is no worrying about shipping and framing costs, the only cost is the initial application fee. By streamlining this process we hope more people will be able to pursue art creation, and we hope to be able to engage more people with these creations everyday.

Specto is about community engagement, we are currently in the process of designing the Specto Slate House, a "tiny" mobile art gallery, which we will use to engage communities, festivals, fairs, local schools, and more. To learn more click here.